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Foods That Increase Your Sexual Stamina

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There are some of the things you might not wish to last for a longer time including dentist appointments, visits with the in-laws, and hangovers. Something that might never top that list? Lovemaking session. When you might all hit the sheets with your significant other or a new flame while being high with Silagra, the last thing you wish is to finish too soon.Add paragraph text here.


Watermelon fruit is known to be one of the richest natural sources of L-citrulline, which is a non-essential amino acid that the body might eventually convert to L-arginine in the body. And it is the L-arginine that might help in making the penile erection harder. Just like the Silagra pill can help in having better lovemaking sessions for a longer time.

Chili Peppers

Your mind is telling you no, but the body is all telling you yes? Get the mentality on the same page as the body by simply adding some serrano peppers to a stir fry, jalapenos to some guacamole, or cayenne pepper to eggs.


An apple a day does not just keep the doctor away; it might also help in extending the sexual stamina. It is all thanks to the apples' high levels of quercetin, which is an antioxidant flavonoid that might have been found for playing a role in enhancing some endurance. And since the body might be all going through many of the same physical changes while lovemaking session as it does while performing exercise time in bed.


When you might like food like you like your lovers, which can be sweet and spicy, you are in luck. Ginger is another food that can help in enhancing sex life by aiding blood flow and enhancing some artery health. Consuming the Silagra pill can help in leading the best lovemaking session for a longer time. The medicine works only when consumed in presence of complete sexual arousal.

Wild Salmon

Trying to simply heat things after the dinner date? Make sure for ordering the wild salmon. The fish is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids that might aid nitric oxide production, as per the study in the journal Food & Function, helping one can stay hard.


Fitting, right? This might be sexual innuendo which might be able to help you go go go! That is because this tropical fruit is full of simple carbs for providing you with energy and potassium for helping you to keep going.

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